Do you feel uncomfortable around a homeless person?  I do.  In the following story, Sherri shows us how to care for a homeless person:

On the Miami Metro Rail ride home from work one evening, an apparently homeless man was sitting across from me.  He had several teeth missing, was very unkempt and had an unpleasant odor.  When he asked me a question, I could not hear him, so I moved next to him.  Although it was uncomfortable for me to look at him, I looked into his eyes so that I could see his soul.

He asked if I could give him some money.  I replied that I did not have much cash, but I would give him all that I had, which I did.  When I asked him what he would do with the money, he said that he would get something to drink.  At that point, I suggested that he should consider getting something to eat.

I asked him other personal questions:  What is your name?  Where do you live?  How long have you been homeless?  Then, I asked him if there was anything else he needed.  He said he needed some new clothes.  Following some more prodding about sizes, where to send the clothes, etc. my stop arrived.

When I got off the train and was walking to my car, another man tapped me on the shoulder and said, “You are a Christian aren’t you?”  This brought me to tears, as I thought of the song, “They’ll Know We Are Christian By Our Love.”

Yes, I did get clothes for him from people at our church and got them to the restaurant that he said would get them to him.  Sometime later when I ran into him again on the Metro Rail, I greeted him by name and asked him if he had received the clothes.  He replied, “No, but I knew that you had sent them!”


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