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Caregiving Basic: Preserve the Dignity of the Person


What do we see as we care for a person who is suffering? Do you see that person as a burden, an irritation, an interruption, or an old needy person? As caregivers–whether we are caring for a co-worker who is going through a divorce, or a friend who has cancer, or caring-full-time for a spouse or parent–we need to remember that the person is first of all a child created by God.

You Don’t Look Sick


Deanna Thompson has stage IV breast cancer and has written a book about her journey.  The book’s title is Hoping for More. Deanna’s insights are for everyone who has ever struggled with serious illness or loved someone who has, which means that this book is ultimately for everyone. “You don’t look sick,” was a common […]

Be There Even When You Do Not Want To Be There


Jesus tells us, “Love your neighbor,” and he does not add: “when you feel like it.”

Deanna Thompson, Professor of Religion at Hamline University in St. Paul, Minnesota, has written a book about her journey with Stage IV breast cancer. The title of her book is Hoping for More: Having Cancer, Talking Faith, and Accepting Grace

In her book Deanna talks about the importance of being there for a friend who is suffering. Following is one example she gives:

322 Cards


Proverbs 17:17 says, “A friend loves at all times, and kinsfolk are born to share adversity.” My friend, Pat, had abdominal cancer. She tells the story of a friend who shared Pat’s adversity throughout her long cancer journey. Pat recalls, “Often when a person has a long-term illness, cards and phone calls become less frequent […]

What Do You Fear?


Ann’s voice on the phone was frantic:  “The doctors say my liver cancer is back and there’s nothing more they can do.  The whole family is wound up tight and nearly crazy.  Can you come and help us?” When I (Matt) arrived at Ann’s home, fear electrified the air.  I asked each family member a […]

Giving Room to Someone in Distress


I read an on-line devotional called, “Stillspeaking Devotional” from the United Church of Christ.  I like the name because it affirms that God is still speaking to us.  We just need to listen.  I recently read a devotion titled, “The One Who Gives Us Room,” and the reflection was written by Talitha Arnold (author of […]

Why you shouldn’t say, “Well, At Least…”


I say, “My marriage is in shambles.” You say, “At least . . .you have a marriage.” I say, “John flunked out of school.” You say, “At least . . . Sue is a good student.” I say, “I have cancer.” You say… “Well, at least it’s not the bad kind of cancer.” “At least you […]