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4 Hugs A Day


The power of the human touch is vital. Several sources suggest that everyone needs at least four hugs a day for healthy survival, 8 hugs a day for emotional strength and 12 hugs a day to really grow. Start hugging. Start by hugging your children and your spouse. . . .12 hugs a day! What a difference you will make in their lives.

I Understand


Donna shares, “With no apparent symptoms at the tender age of three and a half months our son, Justin, died. It happened in the evening just after my husband had left for a meeting.  I rushed my baby to the hospital, but the doctors could not revive him. Many people avoided talking about Justin. It […]

A Time To Grieve and A Time To Serve


I know that many people are experiencing loss, especially at this time of year.  For example, you may have been divorced since the last Christmas, or one of your sons or daughters may be at war, or a friendship may have been broken over the last year. Perhaps health problems have robbed you of many […]

I Am Angry!


One afternoon, I pushed the button to replay my phone messages and was shocked to hear a young angry voice say, “Shame on you! How can you call yourself a Christian woman and do what you are doing! You should be ashamed at yourself.” I wondered what I had been doing that earned these angry, slanderous words. As he proceeded, I found out. He said, “You talked my mom into getting a divorce. How could you? I’m not going to allow you to put my dad down! I won’t stand for it.”

Teenagers Grieve Too


Victor Parachin, who is an ordained minister and has written several books on grieving, reminds us that too often teenagers feel “invisible” or are “forgotten grievers” when there has been a death. Yet, every day a teenager experiences the death of someone they know and love a parent, sibling, grandparent, schoolmate, friend or relative. Like […]

My Baby Died


How are we supposed to respond to people’s pain? What are we supposed to say to someone who lost a child? Kendra Broekhuis says, “Since our 20 week ultrasound when we were told our daughter probably wouldn’t live, and since the death of our daughter, I realized that I was hurt by the kinds of […]

Lament For Parents Of Children With Handicaps


Oh, my Lord, what now? How can we take care of her? Of him? What of the other children? Of us? My tears are like rain, soaking me. My grief is like acid, eating me. Why did it happen to her, to him? to us? How will we help her? Help him? How can we pay […]