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Pass It On


By Sarah Gill-Northcutt It had been a year since my 18 month-old granddaughter Katie died of a birth defect, and I could still feel the grief.  “Maybe putting up Christmas decorations will make you feel better,” my husband said, handing me the box where we kept the ornament. “Christmas won’t be the same without Katie,” I […]

Come on In


From Terry Hershey in The Power of Pause A friend told me about the nativity play at her parish.  A little girl played the role of the innkeeper.  Mary and Joseph (Joseph resplendent in his The Power of Pause dad’s bathrobe) knocked on the door in the inn and asked, “Is there any room in […]

Oh Holy Night


The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness doesn’t extinguish the light.  (John 1:5) Merry Christmas.  My wish for you (and me) is that at some point today, we will stop and be quiet. Maybe it will be tonight when the festivities of the day have ended.  As pastor Quinn Caldwell, author of All […]

Have A Silent Night


by:  Ginger Jurries Dr. David Jeremiah suggests a radical idea for enhancing your Advent devotional time: “In planning for Christmas this year, schedule a ‘silent night’ into your calendar: Repeat Samuel’s prayer:  ‘Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening’ or David’s prayer: ‘Open my eyes, that I may see wondrous things from Your law.’ (1 […]

Shared Memories

Christmas is an especially difficult holiday when there is an empty chair at the table following the death of a loved one.  The first Christmas after my lovely mother died we felt a deep sadness seeing that empty chair. Instead of jumping right into the festivities and ignoring that a special person was not present, […]

How Can We Model the True Meaning of Christmas with our Families?


One way we can model Christian Caregiving at Christmas time is a tradition which we have done in our family for 20 years. Early in Advent we send each child and grandchild the following letter. Then on Christmas, each person describes the gift which he or she has chosen, and how the gift will help to improve someone’s life. Then on a large world map, the person indicates with a star sticker where her or his gift is going. Then he or she lights a small votive candle, which reminds us that we are called to be “lights” in God’s world.

What Can I Say To A Grieving Friend This Christmas Season? Part 1


From:  Liv Lane What Can I Say To A Grieving Friend This Christmas Season?  Here are some expressions that have comforted my family over the past year and some I’ve learned from friends who have experienced great loss, too… I am thinking of you. Sounds so simple, but it means so much to know someone out […]