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How To Care For A Person Who Has Been Abused


How I Can Help handout When someone you know is experiencing abuse in their relationship: Listen and believe them! Minimizing or excusing the abuse does not help.  Show empathy and understanding. Don’t automatically tell them to leave. Help them to feel empowered to explore their options, make their own decisions, and support them in their […]

Freeing Hope


Is Hope’s story your story? No matter what Hope does in her marriage, something is always wrong. She tries to be a good wife. She reads books; she prays; she follows the advice from well-meaning friends. But she still hurts. No matter what she does, her husband still treats her as if he doesn’t love […]

I Was Afraid To Talk


My life as a boy was filled with violence, blood and hiding places. My siblings and I were shuffled back and forth between our violent-alcoholic parents and a terribly abusive orphanage.

I carried the abuse inside me like a brick. I felt like I had so many bad secrets that I wasn’t supposed to tell anyone, and I was so scared to let them slip that I stopped talking.

An Elephant, A Chain & Freedom


Can a bicycle chain hold an elephant in place? Yes it can!

Josh McDowell tells a story about a chained elephant which reminds us of some adults who are chained to their horrific past of physical, emotional or sexual abuse. Josh writes:

“We’re like a circus elephant tied down by a bicycle chain. We ask how one small chain could hold a powerful elephant. The trainer explains that the chain doesn’t hold him; it’s the elephant’s memory that keeps him from trying to escape.

What To Do If I’m Being Bullied


WHAT TO DO IF I AM BEING BULLIED? OR IF SOMEONE ELSE IS BEING BULLIED? What can I do to stop bullying? That was my question when I heard that a young teenage girl in my community was the victim of relentless bullying. What can I do to stop the bullying? A very helpful website which deals […]

My Grandfather Sexually Abused Me


Acknowledging the abuse was horrible.

Admitting that my grandfather had sexually abused me meant three things: first, he didn’t love me; second, no one in my family cared enough about me to know that I was hurting or to protect me; third, I felt like a piece of litter that no one even bothered to throw in the trash. Realizing that no one really cared about me when I was a child was the most painful part of my healing process.

How do I know if a person is being abused?


Years passed. I married a wonderful Christian man and two years into our marriage our first little girl was born. In the days that followed, the harder I tried to care for our vulnerable, colicky baby, the more desperate and out-of-control I became. That desperation triggered the memory of the helplessness that I felt as a ten-year-old. My past began to haunt me. Migraine headaches and nightmares became frequent. I struggled with intense explosive anger. I was depressed, critical with my husband and I felt undeserving of God’s love.