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Experiencing Memorial Day With Kids


Do your children know why Memorial Day is a national holiday? Do they know the purpose of Memorial Day? ( The answer to that question is not to have picnics and BBQ’s and to have fun.) Memorial Day is an important holiday established to give us a time to honor and remember the men and […]

A Commotion at the Check-Out-Lane


Recently I was in Walgreen’s and as I approached the checkout counter, there was a mother struggling with a boy.  The boy was jumping up and down and yelling some indistinguishable sounds.  He seemed out of control.  Yet the mother talked softly and calmly to him while trying at the same time to place her […]

Prayers To God


From the book, Letters to God, written by children. Listen for some wisdom about how to communicate with God.  Listen to the children: Dear God, I know you are supposed to love your neighbor, but if Mark keeps taking my other skate, he’s going to get it.  Kevin Dear God, I am sending you a […]

How to Support Parents of Autistic Children


My friend Krista was in Burger King with her two sons. One son, Benjamin, has autism and was having a difficult time.  He was making strange loud noises and was jumping up and down and flapping his arms, as some people with autism do. A man in the next booth got up and came to […]

Light Of The World


Exodus 20:12 says, “Honor Your Father and your Mother.” It is for certain that Mothers need to be honored and deserve to be honored on Mothers’ Day and every day. I think about a little boy who forgot his lines in a Sunday school presentation.  His mother was in the front row to prompt him.  […]

7 Ways to Affirm Your Child


Affirm your children. Expressing praise may or may not come naturally to you, but it’s important. Affirmation from Dad plays a big role in shaping a child’s self-confidence and attitude. So here is a checklist which gives you 7 ways to affirm your child.

Mommy, Listen to me!


Mommy, Listen to Me! “Mommy, listen to me! Quit saying Uh huh, and give me an answer!” How many of us Mommies are guilty of tuning out our children’s chatter, punctuating only with a few well-spaced hu huhs? Have you ever noticed how frequently the phrase, “Incline thine ear to me” occurs in the Psalms? […]