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Gifts for the Elderly Living in a Nursing Home


Elderly people have their own unique needs and wants to consider when deciding on what to give them for Christmas. They will be delighted to receive a present that truly reflects your love and care, because it is tailored to their specific situation.

Some elderly people still live independently in their own homes, making one type of gift appropriate, while others reside in nursing homes and have a different set of Christmas wishes.

Transforming A Nursing Home Room This Christmas


The Christmas holidays are supposed to be happy, fun, joyful and overflowing with bonds of love. Although nursing home staffs make the effort to create a merry atmosphere, family and friends can go the extra mile to create a festive space out of their loved one’s room. Here’s how my family transformed a loved one’s room […]

Congestion Or Clarity


I just saw on Facebook: Christmas is 28 days away and a panic washed over me. I need to buy the presents for my family and extended family, mail out my Christmas cards and finish decorating the Christmas tree. So many things to do. And then in my congested mind I heard a small voice. […]

Create a Sports Basket


I asked two Sport Enthusiasts (another word for Sports Nuts), if they were home-bound or in the hospital, what would they like to see in a Sports Basket? Here are 12 ideas for what to put into a Sports Basket for your favorite Sports Enthusiasts: A coupon for delivered pizza Gift card for Buffalo Wings […]

A Hostess Basket


When visiting a person in a nursing home or a person who is home-bound, consider giving the person a hostess basket: To create a hostess basket, fill the basket with an array of treats: such as, chocolate kisses, fresh fruit, bags of trail mix, home-baked cookies etc. The beauty of this gift, is that the […]

Consider the Question


When you are caring for someone who is suffering, consider asking yourself, “What does this person enjoy doing during normal/healthy times?” David enjoyed watching and identifying birds. So when he was seriously ill and spent most of his time in bed, a neighbor built a bird feeder which fit outside his bedroom window. David said, […]

2 Are Better Than 1 – A Father’s Day Project


As the saying goes, two are better than one. Remember this adage if you are an adult who wants to find a way to honor or please your dad this year! A great Father’s Day gesture is to offer to help him with a project.  As Emily Dockery says, “Whether it’s a project he’s been […]