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122+ Ways To Care Well
Walk and Talk
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Who Can Resist A Chocolate Chip Cookie?


Who can resist freshly baked homemade chocolate chip cookies (or any kind of cookie, for that matter?) How do you like to eat your chocolate chip cookies . . . Warm? With a glass of cold milk? With a cup of coffee? But guess what? You could enjoy those cookies even more if you share […]

Getting Out and About


A reader wrote to me, “Instead of lecturing my husband and me to “get out of the house and do something fun” after I had a miscarriage, some friends sent us dated coupons for a dinner at our favorite restaurant along with movie gift cards.  Those gifts helped get us out of the house and […]

122+ Ways to Care Well Free E-Book


Our friend has cancer. Our neighbor is unemployed. Our parent is elderly. Individuals who need our comfort and care are all around us. The problem, however, arises when our hearts say, “Go,” but our heads say, “No.” We may tend to avoid these situations because we don’t know what to say or do. Does that […]

Create a Sports Basket


I asked two Sport Enthusiasts (another word for Sports Nuts), if they were home-bound or in the hospital, what would they like to see in a Sports Basket? Here are 12 ideas for what to put into a Sports Basket for your favorite Sports Enthusiasts: A coupon for delivered pizza Gift card for Buffalo Wings […]

A Hostess Basket


When visiting a person in a nursing home or a person who is home-bound, consider giving the person a hostess basket: To create a hostess basket, fill the basket with an array of treats: such as, chocolate kisses, fresh fruit, bags of trail mix, home-baked cookies etc. The beauty of this gift, is that the […]



Do you ever wonder what foods to take to a ill friend or a coworker or neighbor who is going through a challenging time? There is a wonderful online tool which offers lots of ideas. TakeThemAMeal.com offers recipes and helpful ideas when providing meals for a loved one. For example, You may wonder what dishes […]

What Would You Like For Dinner?


What would you like for dinner? That is what I asked my friend when she was recovering from a serious infection. Then I gave her a choice: “Would you like a chicken dish, pasta, soup and salad or pork tenderloin?” She immediately responded emphatically, “Not chicken. We have had chicken three days in a row, […]