Racial Justice

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Shortly after George Floyd was killed, I read an essay by Amy, who is the white mom of two young Ethiopian American children. Amy writes of the anxiety she feels because of the ways our society treats black males, and the conversations she must have with her 10-year-old son to help him learn to stay […]

We Have to Do Better

By guest contributor Amy Post Editor’s note: this essay originally appeared on the corporate blog of Amy’s employer in June, 2020. It is reprinted here with permission. My name is Amy.  I work on [our company’s] marketing team and I am the white mother of two really amazing Ethiopian American kids. Which means, yep, they’re […]

Words, Words, Words


Ever since May 25, 2020, I have been reading books, listening to podcasts, having discussions, reading the news, and praying about racial justice. The death of George Floyd was a shocking wake-up call for me, and yet here I am six months later, and I still do not know what to do to change the […]

A Prayer for Racial Justice


Are you wondering how to pray for racial justice? I found the website Faith and Prejudice, which is a “movement of Christians who are committed to living a life of radical love and humility as demonstrated by Jesus Christ; the type of love and humility that confronts and dismantles racism in America once and for […]

Keep On Keeping On Caring


I didn’t know.  I didn’t realize the depth and breadth of the violence and injustice that Black people have endured for centuries. I’m sorry.  Please forgive me God.  To all people of color who have suffered and are suffering today, I say, please forgive me. In the book White Fragility Robin Diangelo writes, “The antidote […]

A Starting Point for Racial Justice: Stop, Look, Listen


As a child, when my mother was teaching me about safety when crossing a street, she would instruct, “Stop. Look. Listen. And then Go.”  As the current events regarding racial injustice continue to swirl around in my head, I wonder, what should I do?What should our ministry, Wisdom of the Wounded, say and do? It […]

One White Privileged Woman and One Small Step Forward

From time to time, I’ve felt called to write about racial injustice. For example, I’ve pondered my role as a bystander by not speaking up about racial injustice. The deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor have put the issue of racism in the United States front-and-center this summer. Racial injustice is so […]