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Challenging Relationships
God Nudge Story By Larry
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I Waited Too Long – A God Nudge Story


Larry, my husband, said  “You better jump in your car and go visit Susan.” That was probably a God Nudge. I said, “I can’t this week because I am too busy!” Susan lived in a nursing home two hours away. I had met her seven years earlier when my mother was in the same nursing […]

God Nudge By Clare DeGraaf


Clare DeGraaf tells the following story: I was in Chicago on Michigan Avenue and saw a homeless man. God gave me a nudge to stop and talk to him. My heart wasn’t really in it. God was taking me out of my comfort zone.

I asked the homeless man, “Are you hungry? Let me buy you lunch.”

“Yeah, sure,” the man said without enthusiasm. I was sure he was hungry, so I just figured he was as wary of me as I was of guys like him. This was new territory for both of us.

Keep Praying


I’m a big believer that God nudges us to care for others when we least expect it.  Here are three “nudges” that I experienced recently that helped me to focus on the power of prayer from our mothers and grandmothers. Nudge #1: For the past two weeks, a topic has repeatedly come into my awareness.  […]

A God Nudge by Karen


Have you had a God nudge lately? What is a God nudge? Listen to this radio program and find out all about God nudges.

How To Know If A Nudge Is From God


Bill Hybels in his book, The Power of a Whisper, speaks about promptings and gentle nudges from God.

“Whispers (or nudges) from God are real. He is just not a God who sits on his heavenly throne: He is a God who sits with you in the car, the plane, the train, the bus, the hospital room, the doctor’s surgery, the classroom, the office, at work, at home. God is near…near enough to whisper to you his words of assurance, his words of warning and admonishment, his words of renewal and refinement.”

Introduction to God Nudges


Do you believe in God Nudges? What is a God Nudge? One definition is: if someone comes into your mind—especially someone who you do not see or talk to on a regular basis, pay attention because it may be God nudging you to contact that person.

The following is a God Nudge story from my life:

A God Nudge Story by Sara


I most certainly felt a God Nudge last night. It was opening night of Vacation Bible School.  I was an “extra” volunteer, which mostly meant I stayed available to take kids to the potty all night. I was standing in the back of our sanctuary during the closing gathering time. Parents were invited to come share […]