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It’s Fun


Do you want to have some fun today? Then plan a “Random act of Kindness.” You know – the act of kindness you do for someone, especially someone who is suffering, but you don’t let them know who you are. For example:
◾Leave bags of groceries on the porch of a family where there is an unemployed person.
◾Leave a bouquet of flowers on the porch of someone who is grieving.
◾Send a single mom some movie tickets or bowling coupons.

It’s a Wig


Dayna Butterbaugh, recently diagnosed with breast cancer and in the middle of high-level treatment, was in a beauty supply store.  A stranger walked in and effusively praised Dayna’s beautiful head of hair. “It’s a wig.  It’s a wig.” shouted the shopkeeper. Naturally, the customer inquired about the circumstances. “Chemo! Shouted the woman shopkeeper.”  This turned […]

I Was Afraid To Talk


My life as a boy was filled with violence, blood and hiding places. My siblings and I were shuffled back and forth between our violent-alcoholic parents and a terribly abusive orphanage.

I carried the abuse inside me like a brick. I felt like I had so many bad secrets that I wasn’t supposed to tell anyone, and I was so scared to let them slip that I stopped talking.

Until Their Last Breath


When Jim Jameson’s glasses were lost, nobody took the loss very seriously.  After all, Jim was in Hospice care.  Since time was running out on his life, the prevailing attitude was that his glasses weren’t necessary. Earl Howe thought differently.  He hustled around until new glasses were crafted for Jim.  Jim was delighted that he […]

322 Cards


Proverbs 17:17 says, “A friend loves at all times, and kinsfolk are born to share adversity.” My friend, Pat, had abdominal cancer. She tells the story of a friend who shared Pat’s adversity throughout her long cancer journey. Pat recalls, “Often when a person has a long-term illness, cards and phone calls become less frequent […]

Mrs. Grumpy


She was crabby! Grumpy! She yelled at the nurses and complained all the time. Just the kind of person I like to avoid, but I couldn’t because she was in the bed next to my mother in a rehab center. Every day when I went to visit my mother, I hoped that ‘she’ would be sleeping or at physical therapy. One day God whispered in my ear, “When you do it unto the least of these, you do it to me.” Oh! OK! My sister and I started showering Mrs. Grumpy with care and kindness: We brought her flowers, cookies, said “Hi” and asked her, “What may we do for you today?”

No Retirement for Aunt Margaret


A story from Margaret Stanner, as told to Karen Mulder. Where in the Bible does it say, “When a person reaches the age 65 he or she can retire from doing good and loving his or her neighbor?” This wisdom is from my Aunt Margaret. She isn’t really my aunt, but I asked her to […]