Today’s caregiving advice comes from Beethoven:

Beethoven was not known for his social grace.  Because of his deafness, he found conversation difficult and humiliating.  However, when he heard of the death of a friend’s son, Beethoven hurried to the house, overcome with grief.  He had no words of comfort to offer but he saw a piano in the room. For the next half hour he played the piano, pouring out his emotions in the most eloquent way he could.  When he finished playing, he left.  The friend later remarked that no one else’s visit had meant so much.

Beethoven’s example encourages us to use our hobbies and skills in our caregiving. What are your special talents or things you love to do?

Do you enjoy baking?  Most people welcome homemade chocolate chip cookies or a fresh apple pie.

Do you enjoy knitting or crocheting? Consider making the person a Prayer Shawl.  While you knit this shawl you pray for the recipient’s comfort, healing and spiritual well-being.  For directions and suggested prayers: check the internet at Prayer Shawl Ministry.  Depending on circumstances, perhaps you could teach the person how to knit and together you could make prayer shawls for others who are suffering.

Maybe you enjoy growing and arranging flowers. A bouquet brightens any room.

Or do you enjoy washing and waxing cars? Many men and women would appreciate a shiny clean car.

Or perhaps you enjoy woodworking projects.  I remember a neighbor who had a brain tumor and spent many hours in bed. Dave shared with me, “I enjoy birds, and was delighted when Neil, a neighbor, built me a bird feeder for outside my bedroom window.  I spent many pleasant moments watching and identifying my beautiful winged visitors.”

Share your special talents and skills with the person suffering. Choosing to do something that you enjoy makes caregiving easier and gives you more energy and confidence to care.

Please share this week one of your talents or skills with someone who is hurting.


To download a free e-book on simple ways to care for the people in your life go to our post  titled 122+ Ways to Care Well.

Photo credit: Elliott Billings

Karen Mulder

Karen Mulder

Karen Mulder is the founder of the Wisdom of the Wounded ministry. She lives in Holland, Michigan with her husband Larry.


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