Preserve the Dignity

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Choose the Positive


Recently I read the following quotation. “Imitation is the highest compliment you can pay another person.”  Well today’s program is amount someone I want to imitate:  Susan Cook.  I want to imitate her attitude and the choices she makes,  but not her circumstances.  Susan is an inspiration to all who know her.  I met her […]

Face to Face


It is very difficult for a parent to accept caregiving from a child. George Schoengood says, “I am 91 years old. I have macular degeneration. My son, Matthew, is my primary caregiver.” George continues, “Matthew makes it easy on me to accept his caregiving.  He never makes me feel like I’m imposing on him or […]

Older People Have Ears and Feelings


Do we sometimes forget that older people have ears and feelings? Please remember that even though an elderly person may be experiencing some dementia, they still have ears and can hear. They still have feelings, and they still struggle to hold on to some self-respect and dignity. Follow the wise saying which my mother taught […]

How to Show Respect to a Person With Autism


Editor’s Note: The suggestions below come to us from Krista Mason, the mother of a child who has autism. She is the founder of Benjamin’s Hope, an organization designed to address the multifaceted needs of adult individuals and families affected by autism and other intellectual and developmental differences Some general tips:  A person with autism […]

Preserve the Dignity


What do you see when you are caring for another person? Do you see someone who is a burden, an irritation, an old needy person, or do you look for the strength and beauty of God’s image in that person? Do you help, in your method of caregiving, to preserve that person’s dignity?