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Little Becomes Big


Over and over, I am learning that our caregiving doesn’t have to be polished, perfect and profound. I believe that God takes each sincere, small, and clumsy gesture of caring and turns it into something big and beautiful. Jeff Mulder illustrates this “little-to-big caring” in the following story: Scott, a co-worker, died of a heart […]

Give Them Something


The news networks definitely keep us informed about all the bad news people and what they are doing; so, sometimes we need to remember that there are also  a lot of good news people out there too.  We just do not hear about them as often.  Today I heard about a good news person. His […]

I Like Giving


  Turn on the TV or read the newspaper and there is so much bad news that one starts to feel hopeless and filled with despair. If you are feeling this way, check out www.ilikegiving.com and read some of the uplifting and inspiring stories. These stories are of ordinary people like you and me who like giving and blessing others, and in the […]

Be a Giver and Receiver


On the Thursday of Holy Week, Jesus had a final dinner with his disciples.  It was then that Jesus tied a towel around his waist, took a bowl of water and knelt to wash the feet of his friends. When Jesus came to Peter, Peter said, “No way, Lord. You shall never wash my feet.”  […]