12 Date Night Ideas to Help Nurture Your Marriage

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Chris and Becky Marlink have established a wonderful Valentine’s Day tradition that allows them to make time for each other on a regular basis. Each year, Chris gives Becky 12 envelopes with ideas for date nights.  “12 date nights means time together throughout the year,” says Chris—and it also means no vegging out in front of the TV. “Not that we never relax together with Netflix, but the envelopes are for deepening our relationships, not just occupying the same room,” he adds.

Our readers loved this idea, so Chris shared 12 examples that have made it into their Date Night Envelopes over the years. Read on to get inspired for your marriage.

  1. Pack a picnic and hit the beach to see the sunset.
  2. Plan a weekend color tour in the fall.
  3. Take a walk downtown with a cup of your favorite coffee.
  4. Arrange for a dark chocolate tasting night: purchase a few different varieties and have fun guessing their nuances of cocoa content or other ingredients.
  5. Rent stand-up paddle boards for an afternoon.
  6. Spend a weekend away in a city near you—or in the country if that’s your thing.
  7. Purchase tickets to a beloved play and make a night of it.
  8. Prepare dinner for two on the grill and pair it with a nice wine.
  9. Enjoy an evening wrapping Christmas presents and listening to carols. Share favorite memories of holidays past.
  10. Grab breakfast together at your favorite cafe.
  11. Lace up your skates and hit the ice rink—and don’t skip the hot chocolate. Chris and Becky like Rosa Parks Circle in downtown Grand Rapids.
  12. Spend an afternoon thumbing through magazines and perusing the local bookstore. See if you can find something of interest to read together.

*Bonus tip: Take a drive through the country (or a walk through the park) and ask each other the 36 questions that lead to love.

Chris Marlink is a digital media specialist. He manages the social media programs for the Wisdom of the Wounded ministry.


Jennifer Miller

Jennifer Miller

Jennifer Miller loves her husband, kids, cats, and a clever pun. She is the founder of People Equation, a leadership communications advisory firm.


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