Attacking Childhood Hunger with Kids’ Food Basket

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By Chris Marlink

As children all around the country head back to school this fall, you might be surprised to know that one in five kids is affected by hunger. Thankfully there are dedicated people and organizations working to help these children.

Meet Kids’ Food Basket, a West Michigan-based organization that empowers communities to attack childhood hunger. During the school year, Kids’ Food Basket provides Sack Suppers to nearly 7,500 kids every week day in our West Michigan community. In the summer, they continue service by offering Sack Suppers through parks and recreation programming closest to the schools they serve throughout the school year. Wisdom of the Wounded is proud to support the ongoing work of Kids’ Food Basket as they care well for children in our area.

Don’t have a community program like Kids’ Food Basket in your area? No problem. Take Afton’s advice from the video and check out Meet Up and Eat Up, and visit No Kid Hungry to learn more about how to get involved (and involve your kids!) in the fight against hunger.

About the author: Chris Marlink is a digital media specialist. He manages the social media programs for the Wisdom of the Wounded ministry.

Chris Marlink

Chris Marlink

Chris Marlink is a husband, father, writer, and (sometimes) farmer living in west Michigan. He is also a gatherer at the Glass House, where he and his wife love to host gatherings and community events.


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