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Formula For Tough Times


How are you today? You may be worried about a job, a relationship, illness, fears about aging, trouble with kids, aging parents, an old hurt, or just “the blues.” Life sometimes knocks us down. It happens to everyone. The key is to get back up and keep moving. The psalmist offers a simple formula for getting through tough times:

Floating In A Sea Of Love


Father Anthony De Mello, Jesuit priest and psychotherapist, tells the following story: There was a shipwreck and people were floating on a raft somewhere off the coast of Brazil.  As time passed for those poor souls their fear mounted.  They reminded one another that the ocean waters that surrounded them was, of course, undrinkable. Water, […]

Fear or Faith?


A Guest Post by Rodger Price What would you say is the opposite of fear? Think about that for a moment. Fear is a powerful force inside all of us to one degree or another. People that are going through difficult times – whether from the loss of a loved one, or the facing of […]