Challenging Relationships

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Challenging Relationships
All Is Forgiven
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Challenging Relationships
KidPower Skills
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Challenging Relationships
Let Go of Anger
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What advice would you give to a soon-to-be married couple?


Hello! My name is Annette Kuiper. I’ve been blessed from the Lord to be married for 3 years now to a my husband, Tim. I’m 28 years old and am the oldest of 5 children. I’ve grown up in Michigan all my life. My younger brother is getting married this year, and I came up with a letter called “Advice From Your Older Sister”. It was meant to bring up subjects to think and talk about as he is anticipating married life. Now they might help you as well.

What advice do you give to an adult son who is being abused by his mother?


Dear Karen,

I have a friend who’s elderly mother has always been emotionally controlling, abusive and just down right mean. I would describe her as “toxic”, just full of venom. She seems to have never learned any other way to get her needs met. I would say she is mentally ill. Her son, my friend, is the only family member willing to make sure she is cared for. What is your advice for the son in this case… day after day, week after week subjected to the assaults to his heart, soul and humanity as he tries to do the right thing for his mother? – Sarah

A Break in Trust


“Two weeks before the birth of our son, the most dreadful thing happened: I discovered that my husband was having an affair. I had suspected it, but in every way possible I did want to believe it. However, what I had been denying inside became a reality; I was face to face with her and my husband. She didn’t belong in his arms. I did! My arms were empty and so was my heart.

The Story of Andrea and Marty, Part 1


THE STORY OF ANDREA AND MARTY  How do I begin to tell the story of Andrea and Marty?  I wish I had kept a journal, because I could write a book with the ending in God’s hands.  It has been four years since I met 32 year old single mom, Andrea, who had been abandoned […]

Andrea and Marty, Part 2

I, Loretta Newton, introduced you to Andrea, a single mom and her son Marty, and how I had been on a 4 year roller coaster ride with them. I had described their home as dark, dirty, dingy and depressing, with stuff everywhere. At one time, they lived three months without electricity and water. I described […]