If a friend said to you, “My husband or my wife is having an affair,” what would you say and do?  How could you best help that friend?
Nancy shares how she responded when her friend Sue said, “My husband is having an affair!”

Nancy says, “Sue and her husband are dear friends of mine. I love them both, but when Sue told me that her husband was having an affair.  I went off the board—how he had disappointed me.  How angry I was.  How disappointed I was.  I wasn’t listening very well that day. But all of a sudden after my rantings and what I would do.  I stopped and noticed that Sue was very quiet.  Then I believe God put the following words in my mouth, and I said, ‘Sue, how do you want this thing to end?’

She responded, ‘Nancy, I want to save my marriage.’

She told me that I was the only one to know about the affair and she needed me to be her sounding board. That’s all she wanted me to do; she wanted me to listen. ( And if asked I could give some advice.)”

So what would you say to a friend who tells you that his wife or her husband is having an affair?

Perhaps the best way to care for your friend is to just listen.

Karen Mulder

Karen Mulder

Karen Mulder is the founder of the Wisdom of the Wounded ministry. She lives in Holland, Michigan with her husband Larry.


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