A person recently asked, “I’d like caregiving to become a natural part of what my family does together. How can we involve our children in caregiving? How can we especially involve teenagers?” – Sue

It is helpful if parents let it be known that caring for those who are suffering or hurting is just what we do as a Christian family. Caring is a given; however, each family member can choose how he or she wants to participate. So if a neighbor is elderly and confined to her house, how can each member of the family care for her? Some possibilities are:

  1. make cookies or help prepare a meal
  2. play a musical instrument or sing
  3. design a card or draw a picture
  4. volunteer to mow the grass, sweep the sidewalk, etc.
  5. make a prayer shawl 
  6. offer to do errands
  7. put together a collage of family pictures
  8. learn and present a series of jokes or type them as a handout
  9. wash a car

When teenagers or anyone can use their hobbies, talents, and areas of interests in caregiving, it makes caring for someone easier, more fun and more satisfying.

Photo Credit: Matthew Baldwin

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