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How to Stay Connected to Your College Student


How to Stay Connected When a Child Leaves Home: *Technology makes it easier to stay connected. Stop. Let them lead.  How do they want to communicate: Skype, phone, email, texting?  I got very discouraged when I would email my grandkids and would get no answer.  Then I started texting them and I got an immediate […]

How Can We Protect Our Kids From Bullying?


From:  Five Actions Adults Can Take NOW to Protect Kids from Bullying Make SURE Kids know you CARE.  Don’t assume that a child knows. No matter how busy you are, tell young people often, “Your safety and well being are the most important things in the world to me. If anything bothers you, I want to […]

How Do I Care For Myself As A Single Parent?


With over 13.7 million single parents in the United States, we all have seen or experienced the pressures of single parenting. Amanda writes that single parenting is “an overwhelming, exhausting job. Sometimes it feels like I have the whole world on my shoulders.”

Giving yourself a little space as a single parent is so important. It helps ensure that you offer your kids and others the best of who you are.

Call Her. Call Him.


Pick up that 200 pound phone and call her!

Recently, I was causally reading Anne Lamott’s new book, Help Thanks Wow—and the following words jumped off the page, confronting me. Here are those words:

“God must love to hear us calling our meth-head cousin just to check in because no one else in the family speaks to him.”

So, Ann says,” I picked up the two-hundred pound phone, dialed his number, and said, “How are you?”

Gifts for the Elderly


Do you want to make an elderly person smile? Sometimes the lives of the elderly, especially those in a nursing homes, gets very boring; so, when you visit them surprise them with an unexpected present. Following are some suggestions: Sweat suits are popular with the elderly. Large print books and audio books. If you know […]

Just Do It!


“Just Do It!”  Don’t think some more about it or plan to do it another day or wait until the sun is shining.  “Just Do It.  Today.” Do you procrastinate?  The cure for procrastination is that popular Nike ad:  “Just Do It.”  Yesterday I did it.  I visited Ruth who is alone and lonely.  Ruth […]

College Bound: How To Cope When A Child Leaves Home


Editor’s note: this blog post was inspired by a question submitted via our Ask Karen page. Karen M. wrote to ask Karen Mulder’s advice on how to cope with the departure of a college-aged child. Dear Karen: Right now so many of my friends’ kids are going back to college or away for the first […]