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How to Show Respect to a Person With Autism


Remember  The person with autism is first of all a real person. Treat the person the way you would like to be treated.  Remember that non-verbal people can hear. Remember that we, the parents, are doing our best. Remember that we, the parents, enormously need support and encouragement. The most helpful expression communicates, “You are […]

Who Needs 5 more Minutes?


From:  The Power of the Pause Nothing can be more useful to a person than a determination not to be hurried. – Thoreau, 1842 At a playground, a woman sits down next to a man on a park bench. “That’s my son over there,” she tells him, pointing to a little boy in a red sweater […]

I am a real person!


I was born legally blind and became functionally blind at age thrity-two. I have a very supportive husband, two children , and a leader dog. I function very well as director of disabled students at Hope College in Holland, Michigan. Although I have obviously become sensitized to people with disabilities, I still make mistakes in dealing with my students. I have learned caregiving in an area that takes constant correction. I have found that it is important to give myself permission to make mistakes.

The Visit


by Robby Dilmore How about a new twist to Matthew 25, “When I was sick you came to me. When I was in prison you visited me.”  Thursday mornings I regularly do devotions at an assisted living center.  Recently when I walked in Betty was sitting in her wheel chair waiting for me to come […]

Two Pictures of Caregiving


In his book, The Last Thing We Talk About, Joseph Bayly shares his honest feelings about the death of one of his children and two caregivers: Picture #1:  I was sitting, torn by grief.  Someone came and talked to me of God’s dealings, of why it happened, of hope beyond the grave.  He talked constantly.  […]

Writing a Note: 3-Rs


I know that it is important to write a note to a grieving person. I want to write a note, but I often procrastinate and don’t write it because I do not know what to say. Please give me some advice on writing a note to a grieving person.

I do not have an ironclad formula that must be followed when writing a note; however, I will share with you my “3 Rs of Writing a Condolence Note:

They Like Me


Camp Sunshine offers people ages 12 to 50 years old with developmental disabilities the opportunity to attend summer camp in a safe, caring and inclusive environment. There is a joyful spirit about Camp Sunshine that is transformative for every person who attends – whether you’re a camper, counselor or volunteer. The camp has an atmosphere that honors all people with total acceptance and unconditional love.