Caring Gestures for an Unemployed Friend

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At the time that I write this, our country is experiencing especially large job losses due to the COVID 19 pandemic. But even after we rebound from this pandemic, there will always be the unfortunate situation of unemployment. How can we help an unemployed friend? Here are my ideas.

  1. Ask them how they are, then sit quietly and listen. And if they don’t want to talk about it, respect those wishes too.
  2. Ask them to join you for dinner at your home.
  3. Think of fun ideas to do together which do not cost money, such as playing cards, board games, taking a hike, going for a walk, watching a movie at home.
  4. Send supportive emails or texts often.
  5. Offer to meet some of their needs like doing errands, or baby-sitting.
  6. Offer to meet for coffee or a glass of wine – your treat.
  7. Send a grocery store gift card anonymously.
  8. If they start a small business on the side, support them by using their services/products and by sending customers their way.
  9. Offer your expertise pro bono:  Reviewing resumes, teaching computer or social media skills, knitting, cooking, making repairs, detailing cars, etc.
  10. Surprise them with bags of groceries that appear on their porch unannounced once or twice a week.
  11. Be supportive of their hobby.
  12. Invite them to join you in meeting a need in the community; volunteering will get them out of the house. It may also help them take their mind off their troubles.

How have friends helped you during a period of unemployment? Share your ideas in the comment section.

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Karen Mulder

Karen Mulder

Karen Mulder is the founder of the Wisdom of the Wounded ministry. She lives in Holland, Michigan with her husband Larry.


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