A reader asks, A friend of ours has a husband who is out of the country serving in the military. How can we as neighbors be supportive of her?

My friend Karen Melinn offers this advice:

Heather, the girl that grew up next door to us has been going through this.  I usually talk to her once a week, and some of her friends do really nice things for her. Here’s how they’ve helped:

  • They have helped Heather with carpooling her kids
  • They have invited her kids to join them for dinner without Heather, so she has time off
  • Two of her friends took her on a special weekend outing for her wedding anniversary while her mom took care of her kids.
  • One of their guy friends takes their two sons out about every other week to do “guy stuff.”
  • When her husband Tim has a Skype phone call with her, one of her friends comes over to entertain the kids so Heather has some time to talk to Tim alone after the kids have talked to him.

What caring, thoughtful neighbors to help military families in this way!



Karen Mulder

Karen Mulder

Karen Mulder is the founder of the Wisdom of the Wounded ministry. She lives in Holland, Michigan with her husband Larry.

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  1. sandy hayes

    My husband was a vienam vet.he was a marine in 1stbattalion 9th marines the walking dead.he died may 15 of this year.he suffered from ptsd for years.then he got cancer and i will tell you he fought so hard for 4 years being the marine he was he was determined to fight it.he was a marine before anything.he was abeautiful kind human being.everything he went through he was always there for others. I miss him so just wanted to share and ask for prayers.he was so amazing. I miss him so so much.could use alot of prayers. Thankyou.

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