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Welcome Home Soldier


How can we honor and care for our veterans? Steve says, For one year I served in Vietnam, and for twenty-one years that experience was buried deep inside my consciousness with only an occasional glimpse allowed to others. Then in 1988 I visited the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. It was the most profound cathartic […]

You’ve Got to Pay the Price


Army Staff Sargent Christopher Walker, age 28, a bomb technician, was wounded in Afghanistan.  He lost both arms and his left leg.  Now, Christopher’s days are filled with what his occupational therapist calls, “the skills of the job of living.” Christopher is learning to walk on an artificial leg and use computerized prosthetic arms, devices that […]

Start a Jeri Habit


How can we honor our veterans on Veterans Day and every day? My daughter-in-law, Jeri, has a compassionate heart for veterans.  When she sees a soldier, no matter where she is, she goes directly to that soldier, holds or shakes her or his hand, and says, “Thank You! Thank You for serving our country.” Sometimes […]

A Free Trip to Washington D.C. for WWII Veterans


Do you know a World War II veteran in your family, neighborhood or church? Would you like to give him or her a “mind-blowing” experience– a thank-you experience which will put a smile on their faces and a smile in their hearts? Honor Flight Network is a non-profit organization created solely to honor America’s veterans […]

I Don’t Remember That War, But


If you find yourself thinking, “I don’t remember that war, but . . .” you can still pay tribute to a veteran. Here’s a story from my own personal experience. I make it a habit of going out of my way for Vietnam vets because I know from hearing stories they were not always treated […]

Caring For Military Families


A reader asks, A friend of ours has a husband who is out of the country serving in the military. How can we as neighbors be supportive of her? My friend Karen Melinn offers this advice: Heather, the girl that grew up next door to us has been going through this.  I usually talk to her […]