When I read Anne Lamott’s book, Help.Thanks. Wow.— the following words jumped off the page, confronting me:

“God must love to hear us calling our meth-head cousin just to check in because no one else in the family speaks to him.”

Anne continues, “So, I picked up the two-hundred pound phone, dialed his number, and said, ‘How are you?’”

This was a real wake up call for me! Here’s why:

Larry and I have a friend; we will give her the name Mary. Mary is an alcoholic. She has no friends. Her marriage ended recently in divorce. Her daughter and grandchildren want her in their lives but only if she gets long-term help and is sober, which she refuses to do.

Larry and I said, “What a shame!” We pray for Mary. We wish that she would make different choices. But today God commanded, via Anne Lamott’s book, “CALL HER!”

This is so hard. We haven’t seen or talked to her in years. I wondered, “What will I say? What if she is drunk and belligerent or says nasty things?” Still the message was repeated, “Call her!”

So I said to Larry, “I am calling Mary right now, and he said, “I will call her!” I responded, “Are you sure you want to call?” He said, “No but I will,” and I let him.

So he called. . .even when he didn’t know what her response would be, even when he didn’t know what to say. I prayed and Larry picked up that 200 pound telephone, dialed her number and said, “Hi Mary. How are you?”

Is there someone who God wants you to call today? Pick up that 200 pound phone and call. God bless.

Karen Mulder

Karen Mulder

Karen Mulder is the founder of the Wisdom of the Wounded ministry. She lives in Holland, Michigan with her husband Larry.


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