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Challenging Relationships
Crossing the Line
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Call Her. Call Him.


Pick up that 200 pound phone and call her!

Recently, I was causally reading Anne Lamott’s new book, Help Thanks Wow—and the following words jumped off the page, confronting me. Here are those words:

“God must love to hear us calling our meth-head cousin just to check in because no one else in the family speaks to him.”

So, Ann says,” I picked up the two-hundred pound phone, dialed his number, and said, “How are you?”

Relationships: Troubled and Broken


After we had been in counseling for over a year, my wife and I chose to separate.   The decision was very difficult and painful.  During the next ten months we continued in counseling, working toward a reconciliation.  Most people in our church did not know how to treat us.  Ultimately, the reconciliation did not occur. […]

Life Is The Pits!


“Life is so uncertain. I’m not sure what my divorce settlement will be, where I’ll live, and with whom the children will be living. I can’t sleep nights. I’ve lost weight, and I can’t stop crying. Quite frankly, life is the pits right now.” As Ann’s friend and caregiver, how would you respond?