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Are You In There?


When you go through a dark valley, when you struggle to find any joy, peace or light, and when you feel so alone, may the following story by a six year old be good news to you. Max Lucado says, “When my daughter Jenna was six years old, I came upon her standing in front […]

A Hole In Your Heart


The following wisdom is from Max Lucado.  He asks, “Do you have a hole in your heart?” Perhaps the wound is old, a parent abused you, or a teacher slighted you. … And you are angry. Or perhaps the wound is fresh. The friend who owes you money just drove by in a new car. […]

We Do Not Know


What about those who die with no faith? You might say, “My husband never prayed.  My grandpa never worshiped.  My mother never opened a Bible, much less her heart.  What about the one who never believed?  What about those who die with no faith? I personally like Max Lucado’s response, “How do we know that […]