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My Baby Died


Can’t Fix. Can Acknowledge. How are we supposed to respond to people’s pain? What are we supposed to say to someone who lost a child? Kendra Broekhuis says, “Since our 20 week ultrasound when we were told our daughter probably wouldn’t live, and since the death of our daughter, I realized that I was hurt […]

Are You Too Busy To See?


“Mam, do you need help?” Running late as usual, because I always have a hundred things on my plate, I noticed my gas tank was low. Frustrated, I pulled up to the gas pump, grabbed my credit card, jumped out of the car, swiped my card, and started filling the gas tank. How much gas […]

Something is Better Than Nothing


Sadness is awkward. It makes us uncomfortable when other people are in pain. Wouldn’t you agree? Today’s wisdom is from Kendra Broekhuis whose baby died when she was 33 weeks along in her pregnancy. “Sadness is awkward.  It makes us uncomfortable when other people are in pain.” Kendra says, “Sadness is awkward. It makes us […]

How Do I Help A Friend Move On After A Death?


Grief is a process. Each person feels it differently and for varying lengths of time. How do you know when it is time for a friend to move forward after experiencing a loved one’s death? In the aftermath of loosing her husband, Barb Pekich shares the importance of visiting the site of his car crash […]

Grandparents Cry Twice


“Mom, there was a shooting at Sandy Hook School—Andy is ok, but we are still waiting to hear about Danny” (names have been changed).  Just reading those words makes me feel so sad. Recently, I read an article titled, “The forgotten Mourners.”  The article included comments from the grandparents of children who died in the […]