How to Care for a Friend Who is Grieving This Christmas


Christmas is an especially difficult holiday when there is an empty chair at the table following the death of a loved one.  One of the deep needs of a grieving person is to know that others are walking with her on her grief journey. To acknowledge a friend’s grief is a gift that many won’t think to offer.

One way to recognize your friend’s grief this Christmas season is to offer one of laurelbox’s holiday bells tree ornaments. I first discovered laurelbox when shopping for a caring gift for a bereaved friend and was just so impressed with the company’s mission of caring for those who have suffered a loss.

To personalize this gift, I suggest writing a heartfelt note. Here are some ideas to get you started.

For the Ring in Memory bell, add a personal “I remember. . .” story. Share a fun or meaningful memory about the deceased.  Sharing your fond memories gives the grieving person a treasured Christmas present.

If you choose the Ring for Love bell you might write, “When you see and touch this bell on your tree, please remember that I love you.” Or, you could write, “When you hang this bell on your tree, think of the things you loved most about (insert deceased’s name) and may you remember them with love.”

For the grieving, it can be difficult to see brighter days ahead. Consider giving a grieving friend the Ring with Hope bell to offer support and encouragement. Offer them comfort when you write, “During this holiday season, may you look for and see some glimpses of light for your future. I will walk this journey with you.”

When a friend is grieving during the holidays, we are often tempted not to say anything because we don’t want to upset them. Yet, when I talk with grieving people, they say they want memories of their loved ones to live on. So when you honor the deceased with a thoughtful gift and note, you are indeed giving a meaningful present this holiday season.


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