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How can one make the Advent season and Christmas a joy-filled meaningful celebration when one is alone and lonely?


I like the answer which Barbara Baumgardner, gives us in her story, “The Aroma of Christmas.”

The first Christmas after my husband died was filled with forced laughter, fake smiles and trying desperately to have a good time.

Twelve months later healing was evidenced by the excitement welling up with me as I prepared for a grand and glorious holiday. The kids and grandchildren were coming to spend Christmas at my home.

Won’t Be Home for the Holidays


If you’ve lost someone through illness or accident and are dreading the holidays, the following ideas from Mothers against Drunk Drivers (MADD) may help. Don’t plan to be miserable.
After experiencing a loss, there is a tendency to think that you’ll never be happy again. While there may be difficult times, know that there will also be times of love, joy, and of reaching out to others. Expect to fully experience the happy as well as the sad.



Everyone has times during the week when they tend to feel most alone. Evenings – weekend evenings in particular – can be tough.  Make a standing date with me to go to a movie or out for dinner, or invite me to join you in taking a fun weekly class. I’m lonely.  Invite me to your […]