• Everyone has times during the week when they tend to feel most alone. Evenings – weekend evenings in particular – can be tough.  Make a standing date with me to go to a movie or out for dinner, or invite me to join you in taking a fun weekly class.
  • I’m lonely.  Invite me to your house for lunch or dinner or coffee regularly.  The companionship, not the gourmet food, is what matters most.
  • Buy tickets in advance to a play, symphony, or sporting event that we can enjoy together.  This gives me something to anticipate.
  • Instead of lecturing my husband and me to “get out of the house and do something fun” after I had a miscarriage, some friends sent us dated coupons for a dinner at our favorite restaurant and movie coupons.  That gift helped get us out of the house.
  • Invite me to walk and talk on a regular basis – great therapy for the mind, body, and soul.
  • When I was too weak to walk but still enjoyed getting out, my friends took me for walks, to lunch, and shopping via a wheelchair.