by Randy Simpson

My day is filled with loneliness and despair, and wondering and thinking about my future!  Being in prison is a world of loneliness, and I do struggle with that each day.

Try to imagine what it would be like to be empty inside, and hungry and not be able to fill your hunger.  That’s what a day in prison feels like to most prisoners!  My deepest struggles are with my faith because, I’m in prison again. I feel that God let me down because he did not give me the courage and strength to overcome my desires. So I feel so desolate, sad and lonely.

I have no family, but one son who is 33 years old and has the bipolar disorder, and also schizophrenia. I do worry about him, but that’s all I can do, and leave it in God’s hands.  Amen.  So I’m all alone in this world and feel so consumed by loneliness!

I’m just an old man who has nothing to look forward to in life.  It would be so nice to have spiritual support and some friends to share my time, and thoughts with, and to be able to feel good about myself.  I do have 2 friends in my life who are married to each other and they are such a wonderful blessing to me and give me hope in life and bring joy and happiness to my heart.  They are like family to me, and I have such gratitude in my heart for their friendship!
Joy and happiness to prisoners, like myself, is to have someone in their life. To receive letters and even visits and pictures gives a prisoner such joy to know that they are not forgotten.  Just as in Hebrews 13:1-3 says,

“Let brotherly love continue. Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by doing some have unwittingly entertain angels.  Remember the prisoners as if chained with them—those who are mistreated—since you yourselves are in the body also.”

So many prisoners need spiritual guidance and fellowship, and any letters that comes is truly a blessing, and I am one of those prisoners who would love and be thankful to receive mail from someone!
May the grace of our Lord be with you and keep you safe.  Amen.

God Bless in Christ,


Editor’s Note: If you wish to write Randy a letter, please send correspondence to:

Randy Smith  #387204
Ojibway Correction Facility
N 5705 Ojibway Rd
Marenisco, MI 49947


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