An Empty Chair At The Father’s Day Celebration


The annual Father’s Day holiday can prove challenging for anyone mourning the loss of his or her dad, even many years after he died. So, here is one idea about how you can honor your deceased father and keep his memory alive on Father’s Day or any of the other 364 days in the year:

Plant a Tree: If you have the space in your yard, consider planting a tree in memory of your dad (s). After buying the sapling from a nursery, dig the hole and then have your family gather ’round and those who wish to could share their favorite memories about your father or grandfather. After placing the tree in the hole, ask each family member to toss a handful of dirt in before you finish planting and watering the tree.

You could also place a small engraved “In Memory of…” plaque at the base of this living reminder of your dad. (Incidentally, if you don’t have the space to plant a tree, consider donating one to a local hospice, library or place of worship to beautify your community in your father’s memory.)

If this is too involved or not appropriate in your situation.  Display pictures of you dad(s) and invite anyone who wishes to share a memory about your dad.

10 Ways to Honor Your Deceased Dad on Father’s Day 




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