Shared Memories


Christmas is an especially difficult holiday when there is an empty chair at the table following the death of a loved one.  The first Christmas after my lovely mother died there was definitely the sadness of an empty chair.  So we began our celebration by sharing stories about mom/grandma.  I ask each person, if they wished, to share a fun memory or an attribute which they admired about mom/grandma.  There was much laughter and love and joy around the table.  It felt for a few minutes that she was in our midst.

Also to remember grandma, I gave each family member, including the young grandchildren, a pretty delicate cross with mom’s name, birthdate, and death- date engraved on it. I encouraged all the family to hang the cross on the tree each Christmas and to remember Grandma.

Now ten years later, I still see the cross on my tree and smile and remember and thank God for my lovely greatly loved mom.

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