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How can we love and care for the elderly?


We all have friends or family members who need to know someone cares about them. They need assurance that they are loved and valued even if they are unable to do all things they’ve done in the past. Every person needs to know they matter to someone.

We hope to offer stories from experiences of others, good advice, and valuable ideas you will be able to use often.

Did I Make a Difference?


One of the most important issues for older people is wondering, “Did my life make a difference?”

In preparing mom’s 85th birthday party, we asked all the members of the family to write her a note or letter sharing a special memory and describing what they especially admired or liked about her. We saved these letters in a photo album filled with pictures of her life.

Son, Harold: “You’ve always been the kind of mother on whom I could depend, to help me and encourage me . . . and be my trusted friend. I warmly think about you as the best mother anywhere!” Love, Harold