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“I’ll Pray For You”


Do you ever sincerely tell someone, “I’ll pray for you,” and then forget to pray? I often do just that: I say, “I will pray for you,” or “You will be in my prayers,” and then I get busy with my own agenda. So I have devised some ways to remind myself to pray, and […]



I did it again!  I just hate it when I forget to do important things. This time I forgot to call my niece on her birthday.  She had been feeling alone lately, so it was especially important that I connect with her. But, the day came and went and I just forgot. Do you forget […]

I Miss Her


From the poem, I Still Miss Her by Pam Shattuck It seems like only yesterday I sent a Mother’s Day card away. I didn’t think it would be the last, I signed it with love and mailed it fast. Now that she has gone away, It doesn’t feel like Mother’s Day. There are no more chances […]

Did I Make a Difference?


One of the most important issues for older people is wondering, “Did my life make a difference?”

In preparing mom’s 85th birthday party, we asked all the members of the family to write her a note or letter sharing a special memory and describing what they especially admired or liked about her. We saved these letters in a photo album filled with pictures of her life.

Son, Harold: “You’ve always been the kind of mother on whom I could depend, to help me and encourage me . . . and be my trusted friend. I warmly think about you as the best mother anywhere!” Love, Harold