A Hairdresser’s Heart for Caring

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A note from Karen: Please enjoy this guest post from my niece Abbey, who is a hairdresser in North Carolina. I just love this story because it shows her hairdresser’s heart for caring. May her story encourage you to care for others with a simple kindness today.

Guest Post by Abbey George Rich

As a hairdresser, I feel some days like a therapist. I actually have a sign in my salon that says “the hairapist is in”. Haha. I have found that my chair holds heartaches, excitement, love, pain, loss, anger, release, resentment, fears, overcomes, depression, exhaustion, grief, secrets and sadness.

Some days I am on an emotional roller coaster to go from one client to the next to make them feel cared for, beautiful, loved. Some days I cry with clients who have lost a spouse and rejoice with another later in the day who is now expecting another baby. People sit in my chair want to share their life in a safe space.

I have also found the gift of touch. Many of my ladies live alone, widowed or divorced. Mamas, or wives that were once loved and hugged no longer have the human touch daily as they used to. “What can a shampoo do?” I used to think. For someone who wants to be valued, I may be the only person who touches them today.  The shut-in that only comes out once a week to grocery shop and get their hair done, I may be it. The shampoo may seem like a small thing to one person but to so many others, it’s everything.

To sit and feel pretty, and share some of their life stories with me, oh what a treat! To imagine their late husband or how it was to raise their babies, to hear their adventures, and their memories.  This is one reason I love to do hair. It’s about making sure others feel God’s love through me. Even through a small shampoo or color. I hope I don’t ever forget why I love being behind the chair and that I don’t forget to slow down long enough to touch someone’s life today.

About the author: Abbey George Rich is a wife, mother and professional hair stylist who lives in North Carolina.

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Guest Author

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  1. Glenda wood

    I’m a hairdresser of 40 years. I know exactly how this is. Sometimes it takes a while for someone to realize the trust and love that they have with some of us. Not all of us. I do the same things Abby does. I hope others read this and realizes how important, how much love and patience and understanding and more that a hairdresser can and should be to and for others that need a some love for the day! Thank you Abby for posting this and Thank you to a special friend for sending this to me.

  2. Joyce

    What a wonderful message! Especially since so many have been alone for weeks now. Thank you for sharing!

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