Feeling Stuck in Life? A Spiritual Director Can Help

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By Kim Mulder, Certified Spiritual Director

About 15 years ago an acquaintance told me that she had a “spiritual director.” Even though I had no idea what a spiritual director did exactly, it struck a chord deep within me. I could sense that someday this phrase that made my heart sing would be a part of my life. At the time, I was a pastor’s wife and homeschooling mother with two recently adopted children. I couldn’t see how learning about spiritual direction would fit into our already demanding schedule.

Life went on… and then, a few years ago, I was wrestling with family issues. On top of that, I was trying to decide whether or not to pursue a master’s degree. I was feeling stuck, and unsure of how to navigate my choices. Prayer alone wasn’t providing me the full direction I sought. Somewhere in the back of my mind a light bulb went off. Maybe I should talk to a spiritual director!

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I remembered where my friend had found her spiritual director and submitted an online application to that same organization. I found a wonderful spiritual director named Esther. She listened. She asked some questions. She allowed space for things to come up that I didn’t even know I was thinking or feeling.  In the silence, my heart could speak, and my mind could quiet enough to hear what my heart wanted to say. She introduced me to Centering Prayer, a prayer in which no words are necessary as I sit with God in love for one another. She encouraged me to explore the depths of myself and God through reading, prayer, contemplation, and writing. I talked, vented, cried, and questioned. Through my exploration, I began to notice how God was moving in my life. I responded to that movement, growing ever closer to God. I began to know how to live as my true self with compassion, wisdom, and clarity.

Instead of pursuing a master’s degree in the mental health field, I felt called to the vocation of spiritual direction. After three years of training, I am now a spiritual director. Being able to provide a sacred space for these sacred conversations is a beautiful calling. It is a privilege to walk alongside another as they discover a path toward love and transformation. I, too, am touched by this journey as these paths become part of my own for a time.

Want to learn more about spiritual direction? See the information below for finding a spiritual director in your area.

Greater Grand Rapids and Holland area: Kim Mulder, Certified Spiritual Director, kimmulder.csd@gmail.com

Grand Rapids: The Dominican Center at Marywood

Anywhere: Spiritual Directors International

About the author: Kim Mulder is a Certified Spiritual Director, who offers a sacred space to  others who are exploring what it means to be both a spiritual and a human being. Kim lives in Holland, Michigan, with her husband, Michael. They have four grown children.

Karen Mulder

Karen Mulder

Karen Mulder is the founder of the Wisdom of the Wounded ministry. She lives in Holland, Michigan with her husband Larry.


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