Compassionate Heart Ministry Video Feature

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Wisdom of the Wounded spent an afternoon at Compassionate Heart Ministry, a Christ-centered drop in program for teens and young adults with mild to moderate disabilities. We filmed program participants and staff having fun, and spoke with ministry founder Donna Bunce.

Donna Bunce talks about how to forge friendships with people of all abilities. “We all want to have friends and be part of a bigger community. We may look different on the outside, but on the inside, we all have those same dreams in common,” says Donna.

See the full video here:

For more information and resources on how to care well for people with intellectual disabilities, see our Forging Friendships with People of all Abilities page.

Jennifer Miller

Jennifer Miller

Jennifer Miller loves her husband, kids, cats, and a clever pun. She is the founder of People Equation, a leadership communications advisory firm.


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