Forging Friendships with People of All Abilities

How can we be a friend to someone with a disability? We asked caregivers, family members of people with disabilities, and providers who serve this community. They told us that all people, regardless of their abilities, want to connect in meaningful ways. They don’t want to be defined only by their disability; they want to be seen as a person first, who also happens to have a disability.

This month, we offer you resources to help you grow in friendship with people of all abilities. If you’re unsure how to interact with someone who has autism, for example, consider reading the United Spinal Association’s Disability Etiquette booklet*, which includes excellent tips for respectfully interacting with people of various intellectual and physical disabilities.

Are you looking to find a way to serve our brothers and sisters in Christ who have disabilities? Watch Elim Christian Service’s video that reminds us our attitudes aren’t about just disabilities, they’re about how we see the image of God in others. Download Elim’s “5 Stages: The Journey of Disability Attitudes*” located in our sidebar.

Finally, we offer you a selection of our podcasts and blog posts on the topic of providing care and friendship to those with disabilities.


*The Disability Etiquette booklet and 5 Stages handout are copyrights of their respective authors and are used with permission. Thank you to the United Spinal Association and Elim Christian Services for generously sharing your wisdom with our ministry.


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