By Amanda Price

The calming peace and healing value of being in nature has a place in everyone’s life but may be especially meaningful for someone who is mourning.  A recently shared story by a grieving widow recalled how she determined to visit every one of the 31 parks in our county as a means to recover from her husband’s recent death.

Months later, on her husband’s birthday, she visited the final and 31st park, on the shore of Lake Michigan. As she sat and looked at the beauty before her, she felt a shadow cross her line of sight.  She looked up to see a bald eagle soaring along the shoreline. And in that instant, she felt the presence of her husband.

God heals us in a multitude of ways.  Perhaps nature is yours.

Amanda Price

Amanda Price

Amanda Price is the County Treasurer for Ottawa County, Michigan. She is also a former Member of the Michigan House of Representatives. A breast cancer survivor, Amanda was the recipient of the care of great friends during her recovery from several surgical procedures.


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