How to Have More Peace, Joy and Fulfillment

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Do you want your life to be filled with any of the following?

  • peace
  • joy
  • an increased ability to love and be loved
  • a rare happiness and satisfaction
  • a profound sense of fulfillment

Most of us would answer, “Yes!”

In his book, The Rhythm of Life, author Matthew Kelly states that if you follow his four-step plan of action for ten days, it will empower you to make a difference in other people’s lives. Kelly contends that as a result, your life will be filled with more peace, joy, happiness and satisfaction.

I decided to take Kelly’s advice and focused on two of his four steps.

The two steps are, when you wake up in the morning ask God the following two questions:

  • “Who needs my attention and care today?” Then you wait and listen for God to give you a name or names.
  • Then, ask God, “How can I best care for that person today?”

Then do it!  Make it a priority.

Here’s an example of how this played out for me:

When I prayed these two steps this morning, my friend Anna came into mind.  She lives in North Carolina.  Here’s a confession: I really didn’t want to call her because I was embarrassed. I haven’t talk to her in the past year, and in that year she had married, and I had not acknowledged the marriage with a card or present.

I procrastinated until 4 o’clock, then I issued a quick panicky prayer, “Help!  Help!  Help God,” and called her.

Do you know what? We had a wonderful conversation talking about our families. (She has 43 grandchildren. Can you imagine?)  Anna kept thanking me for calling. When I hung up, I felt so light-hearted, energized and happy.  It was a real high.

No matter what else happens today, when I rest my head on a pillow tonight, I will smile and know that I made a difference in Anna’s life, and in my life today.

So consider asking yourself two questions each morning:  “Who needs my attention and care today?” And “How can I best care for that person today?” And then just do it!

Karen Mulder

Karen Mulder

Karen Mulder is the founder of the Wisdom of the Wounded ministry. She lives in Holland, Michigan with her husband Larry.


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