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A Rare and Wonderful Gift


Saturday, I received a rare and wonderful gift. What was this rare and wonderful gift which I received?  It was a handwritten note!  It is now posted on the bulletin board by my desk, and each time I see it I smile.  Eventually, that note will find a place in my Bible or in a […]

A Keepsake


What is in your Bible?  A faded dry flower?  A note?  A special picture? Recently at Bible study, Dori gently removed an envelope from her Bible and said, “I think I finally have the courage to read this card to you.  I received this card seven years ago when my husband died, and its words have […]

Writing a Note: 3-Rs


I know that it is important to write a note to a grieving person. I want to write a note, but I often procrastinate and don’t write it because I do not know what to say. Please give me some advice on writing a note to a grieving person.

I do not have an ironclad formula that must be followed when writing a note; however, I will share with you my “3 Rs of Writing a Condolence Note:

Writing Notes


One of the  mainstays of my personal ministry is writing notes to those who need care. As author Debbie Macomber writes in her book, One Simple Act: Discovering the Power of Generosity, “Nothing replaces the note of encouragement, of comfort, or of condolence. Letters can be our lifeline to faraway friends and family, but don’t […]