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God Did Not Change My Circumstances


A Smoldering Reed by Karen Weaver My husband’s battle with cancer had the two of us on a roller coaster ride of optimism and dashed hopes.  I was so angry with God that I was ready to explode! In the midst of this terrible trial,  I attended a Christian women’s conference.  As I sat with […]

Learning About Caregiving From A Porcupine


What can a porcupine teach us about caregiving? In Martin Bell’s book, The Way of the Wolf, he tells the story about a porcupine who was a misfit in society and had no friends: One day, a porcupine stumbled upon a raccoon who had been shot and was near death. The porcupine remained with the raccoon and heard […]

Think Before You Speak


Please think before you speak especially when talking to someone who is grieving or suffering.  The following are some sentences to avoid: “You’ll get over it.” “I’m sure it will be just fine.”  (How do they know?) “You look awful.” (Wow that really helps!) “You look great.”  (Implying that the person should also feel great.) […]

Something is Better Than Nothing


Sadness is awkward. It makes us uncomfortable when other people are in pain. Wouldn’t you agree? Today’s wisdom is from Kendra Broekhuis whose baby died when she was 33 weeks along in her pregnancy. Kendra says, “Sadness is awkward. It makes us uncomfortable when other people are in pain. For that reason we might think […]

Who Is Missing?


“Suppose one of you has a hundred sheep and loses one of them.  Does he not leave the ninety-nine in the open country and go after the lost sheep until he finds it?”  Luke 15:4 NIV Heather said, “We had been very active in our church with regular attendance at worship.  I also worked for months and months in the […]