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Name It to Tame It


by Rodger Price Twenty years ago my mother went through two days of waiting for test results that would tell us if she had terminal liver cancer. It was a tough two days. When the doctor told us the results were the worse-case scenario, her first words were, “Well, at least now I know.” She […]

You Can’t Give More


By Rodger Price We’ve all heard the expression, “It’s better to give than to receive,” and we probably all agree with it.  I recently heard another expression about giving: “You can’t give more than you receive.” I’ve had some time to ponder this to decide if I really believe it or not, and I think I […]

The Power of Listening


By Rodger Price We have two ears, one mouth. What might God be telling us? Which do you prefer more when you’re dealing with an issue – someone telling you what you need to do, or someone listening to you while you explain what’s going on?  I’m guessing most of you would choose the latter. […]