Ginger Jurries

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Reclaiming Christmas


Dreading the coming Christmas season? Are the joys of reuniting with family and friends diminished by the pressures of the ever growing to-do list? Are you totally exhausted by the time the baubles are packed away and the gifts returned? Especially for Christians, we often feel like we have missed the mark when it comes to our advent celebrations.

In her book, Reclaiming Christmas, How to Creatively Celebrate the Season that has Become Excessmas, author Ginger Jurries offers sage advice and meaningful alternatives to this often draining time of the year.

Don’t Argue


Why try to win an argument no one can win? Norma says, “When Frank’s mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, I made it my goal to keep his mother happy and not agitated.  I saw no harm in agreeing to some of her most outlandish comments or suggestions just to keep her calm (as long […]

The Empty Chair


For many people, grief at the holidays is an oxymoron. Holidays are supposed to be happy, fun, joyful, overflowing with bonds of love. Grief casts a painful, somber, dark shadow over the holidays, shrouding the happy memories of the past celebrations.