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Alzheimer's Disease
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Telling Life’s Stories


Reminiscing is healthy! It’s the process by which we make sense out of this mystery we call life. Reminiscing helps those who are older to find meaning and purpose in the years they have lived. It can create new levels of appreciation and intimacy between generations and can transform times spent beside beds or other visits into memorable times together.

The following questions will provide you with hours of worthwhile communication. If possible, tape or write down your discussions. Then the stories can be shared with other family members and friends.

Alzheimer’s Disease


When Frank’s mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, I think each one of the family members had the same reaction at first – grief. However, over time we dealt with her illness in different ways. Frank’s sister and brother quickly moved into the denial stage and remained there until their mother’s death. Frank himself stayed in the grief phase for quite a while, but then moved on to acceptance. “Acceptance” didn’t mean, of course, that he gave up all hope – he still longed to see moments of lucidity in his mother.