The winter in Michigan this year has been harsh, with lots of snow and ice. On a particularly wintery day, my granddaughter Ashlee posted a photo on Facebook of her husband Nick clearing snow.

Ashlee wrote, “That’s my man out there. He is clearing our driveway and sidewalks, and did our neighbor’s without hesitation.” She concludes her post by declaring that she would say “I do!” all over again with her husband. What a loving tribute!

Ashlee’s post is a wonderful reminder that maintaining a healthy relationship involves saying in the difficult times, “I do.” She reminds us that in the challenging times, it is helpful to remember our marriage vows, our promise to one another and to God.

Here are some ways you can care for your spouse or significant other, by simply saying “I do!”

“I do remember my promise to you, to me, and to God.”

“I do love you in the bad times and in the good times.”

“I do remember the ways in which you enrich my life.”

How can you care for your spouse or significant other today? Say “I do!” often so your special someone feels cherished and valued.

Here is Ashlee’s post in its entirety, which she agreed to share with Wisdom of the Wounded readers. Enjoy!

That’s my man out there. With a beast of a snow blower. He is clearing our driveway and sidewalks, and did our neighbor’s without hesitation. Is marriage perfect? Nope. Is he, (or am I) perfect? Absolutely not. But I love him. I love him for who he is and for his heart. I would say “I do” again and again, and continue to say it every day.
It’s kind of like Jesus has instructed us to do, in Luke 9:23, “If anyone is to follow me, they must deny themselves, pick up his cross and follow me daily.” Sometimes in marriage, it is not all about you. You are in this together, you made vows to each other, you need to make the decision, to say “I do” when it gets hard and ugly. When you want to hide away instead of facing what is necessary, you need to repeatedly say, “I do”. There may be a season where you need to repeat this to yourself, minute by minute, or every morning, or a season where you don’t need to.
The kicker is, knowing that it is also not just about you, or him, or her, but about our heavenly Father who is redemptive, peace giving, grace filled, an unconditional lover, and who has made you, and your spouse, in His image…not each other’s. He is perfection. He is who we turn our hearts to daily, praising Him and weathering the storm with Him, in everything we do. Through Him, we say “I do” in it all. My wedding day – I would repeat that day over and over again. I will celebrate God’s goodness and all of His workings daily, even when I am grumbly and tired. He is our fulfiller.
Karen Mulder

Karen Mulder

Karen Mulder is the founder of the Wisdom of the Wounded ministry. She lives in Holland, Michigan with her husband Larry.


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