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Help Widows Keep Memories Alive


A few months after Jennifer’s dad died, her mother mentioned a very sad observation: nobody would mention his name in her mother’s presence. “I guess they don’t want to upset me” Jennifer’s mother said. “But I want people to talk about your dad. He was a wonderful man and I enjoy hearing people’s fond memories […]

Distance Caregiving for The Grieving


My friend Carole died on Good Friday during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Because of social distancing requirements, I was not allowed to visit with her husband in person.  We could not hug and share stories about Carole, which is what I would normally do for someone. So, I turned to “distance caregiving” for Carole’s grieving husband. […]

A Space for Grace in a Complicated Relationship


Editor’s note. The following essay is an edited transcript of a spoken testimonial Pastor Gordon Wiersma gave to the Hope Church congregation as part of the church’s Reconciliation series. It is reprinted with permission. My Dad, Jack Wiersma, died in 2017. My Dad died after 81 years of life – after several years of health […]

Kazoos and Caregiving


Guest Post by Susan VandePol Their visits didn’t look at all like what I would have thought they should look like — if I had any time to think about it. “They” are the ones who came, the ones who showed up to care for us. And none of them really knew what to do. […]

Help a Grieving Child Make a Memory Pillow


Note from Karen: At Wisdom of the Wounded, we know that children grieve differently than adults. That’s why we’re very fortunate that organizations like Ele’s Place offer programs for grieving children and their supporters. On a recent tour of Ele’s Place-West Michigan, we learned about their Memory Pillow activity. What a wonderful way to help […]