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A Space for Grace in a Complicated Relationship


Editor’s note. The following essay is an edited transcript of a spoken testimonial Pastor Gordon Wiersma gave to the Hope Church congregation as part of the church’s Reconciliation series. It is reprinted with permission. My Dad, Jack Wiersma, died in 2017. My Dad died after 81 years of life – after several years of health […]

Kazoos and Caregiving


Guest Post by Susan VandePol Their visits didn’t look at all like what I would have thought they should look like — if I had any time to think about it. “They” are the ones who came, the ones who showed up to care for us. And none of them really knew what to do. […]

Help a Grieving Child Make a Memory Pillow


Note from Karen: At Wisdom of the Wounded, we know that children grieve differently than adults. That’s why we’re very fortunate that organizations like Ele’s Place offer programs for grieving children and their supporters. On a recent tour of Ele’s Place-West Michigan, we learned about their Memory Pillow activity. What a wonderful way to help […]

Digging in the Dirt is Good Therapy

Whenever my mother was anxious or angry or just feeling low, she would go outside and dig in the dirt.  As she planted flowers or moved flowering shrubs, her spirits would slowly lift.  Dirt and flowers were her therapy. Her favorite outdoor flower was pansies. To this day, when I see the sweet faces on […]

How to Help a Young Child Grieve


Do young children experience grief? Dr. Alan Wolfelt is a grief counselor who says, “Any child old enough to experience love is old enough to grieve.”  Even though they will show their grief differently than adults do, very young children do feel loss. Here’s how you can help a young child grieve. Youngsters ages three […]

Walking Alongside Someone in Deep Grief


Do you believe that something beautiful can come out of deep pain? That’s one of the key messages of the film Collateral Beauty, which stars Will Smith as a grieving father. I recently watched Collateral Beauty and was struck at how this movie might be useful for us when we are walking alongside someone in […]