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Caregiving Basic: Respect the Grief Journey


Editor’s Note: In any caregiving situation, we remind our readers to remember the Caregiving Basics: Pray, Listen, Respect the Grief Journey and Preserve the Dignity of the Person. This post is an overview of Respect the Grief Journey. Grief is a normal and natural experience by which a person makes a healthy adjustment to any significant […]

A Caring Gift for a Bereaved Friend


Our special friend Jim died recently. As I searched for ways to care for Melanie, Jim’s companion, and Jami, his daughter, I discovered a wonderful way to offer a caring gift for a bereaved friend. It’s called a “Laurel Box.” These handcrafted gifts are a unique way to show care, love and support for those […]

How Do You Comfort a Child Whose Pet Died?

When my granddaughter Anna’s dog Inky was killed, she was heartbroken. I immediately reached out to Anna to provide support. I also wanted to surround her with supportive words from fellow dog-loving family members, so I sent a text to my sister Loretta. What transpired is conversation that unfolded between the two of them that […]

When Someone’s Spouse Dies By Suicide


How will you show support in the midst of a loved one’s grief? When someone’s spouse dies by suicide, it’s difficult to know how to help. Here’s one person’s story of pain and how she worked through the grief process: “At approximately 2:00 p.m. on November 2, 1993, my husband took his own life.”  The […]