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How to Help a Young Child Grieve


Do young children experience grief? Dr. Alan Wolfelt is a grief counselor who says, “Any child old enough to experience love is old enough to grieve.”  Even though they will show their grief differently than adults do, very young children do feel loss. Here’s how you can help a young child grieve. Youngsters ages three […]

Grief is Like a Wave in the Ocean


Years ago, my husband Larry and I set off on a grand adventure: we spent 14 months on a 32-foot sailboat, traveling the open ocean. (With our two small children aboard, I might add!) It certainly was an exciting time. When I started my ministry, I realized that life on the water helped me understand […]

Caregiving Basic: Respect the Grief Journey


Editor’s Note: In any caregiving situation, we remind our readers to remember the Caregiving Basics: Pray, Listen, Respect the Grief Journey and Preserve the Dignity of the Person. This post is an overview of Respect the Grief Journey. Grief is a normal and natural experience by which a person makes a healthy adjustment to any significant […]

A Caring Gift for a Bereaved Friend


Our special friend Jim died recently. As I searched for ways to care for Melanie, Jim’s companion, and Jami, his daughter, I discovered a wonderful way to offer a caring gift for a bereaved friend. It’s called a “Laurel Box.” These handcrafted gifts are a unique way to show care, love and support for those […]