Praying During the Coronavirus Crisis

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At a recent Wisdom of the Wounded team meeting we discussed praying during the coronavirus crisis. One of Ann Lamott’s simple, yet three powerful prayers like, “Help” “Thanks” or “Wow” fit the bill. But we also wondered: maybe people are seeking specific ways to pray for others during this very unusual time in our lives.

We went looking for prayers related specifically to the coronavirus crisis and found an excellent, detailed listing from World Vision. I liked that the ideas were categorized into different situations, with a corresponding Bible verse.

Who and What to Pray For

I got inspired by World Vision’s list and created this version for our team. Perhaps it will be helpful to you as well.

Pray for:

  • People who are infected with (and recovering from) COVID-19
  • People who are in strict quarantine due to health issues and are unable to have even the most basic “outside” interaction with others
  • Caregivers in nursing homes and private homes who must tend to the frail and vulnerable
  • Researchers who are valiantly seeking a vaccine and other medical measures so that we may all (some day!) safely resume activities outside our homes
  • Leaders responsible for making decisions about the health and safety of our local, regional, and national communities
  • Families adjusting to new ways of living, working and studying together
  • People who are furloughed or who have been laid off
  • Business owners and families facing financial stress
  • Essential workers such as frontline medical personnel, grocery store workers, delivery drivers and restaurant workers preparing food
  • Vulnerable populations such as children, who may be living in isolation with their abusers, away from support systems like teachers and friends
  • People suffering from crises not specifically related to the pandemic: loneliness, loss of a relationship; death of a loved one, etc.

Put the Prayer into Words

Select a category from above and use one of the of following blessings. You can specifically use the name of a person you know, or just say the category like, “Essential workers.” Thank you to the Reverend Beverly Zell for teaching me this format.

  • May ______ be safe from inner and outer harm.
  • May ______ grow strong and healthy.
  • May ______ find peace and contentment.
  • May ______ care for themselves with joy.

One way you could use this list is to select a different category each day, and then place a candle or sticky note near a location you will see frequently to help you remember to pray.

Prayer connects us to God and empowers us to know how to care for others during time of uncertainty. Thank you for caring for others through prayer.

For more information on the Caregiving Basic of “Pray”, see our Prayer Video Series and our articles on prayer.

Karen Mulder

Karen Mulder

Karen Mulder is the founder of the Wisdom of the Wounded ministry. She lives in Holland, Michigan with her husband Larry.


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